Yellowstone National Park Photos

February 26, 2017Photography
Packy Savvenas South Yellowstone National Park

First of all, I love visiting Yellowstone National Park for two reasons – one is to see and photograph the amazing wildlife the park offers such as wolves, grizzly bears, elk and birds including birds of prey such as owls and eagles.

The other reason is to photograph the stunning landscapes that include geysers, streams, rivers, mountains and colorful canyons.

Hey Let’s Take A Selfie

My biggest frustration with photographing wildlife was the literal harassment of wildlife by the park visitors.

I can understand folks who want to take a closer look at bears, wolves, bison, moose and elk, as long as it is done with respect to park rules. However, despite all the warnings, people seem to not care.

What’s worst, is that by doing so, they endanger their very own lives. People approach both elk and bison at extremely close distances for those precious selfie moments.

No Selfies Here:

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