The Joys Of A Father – A Happy Daughter!

July 10, 2017Photography
Engagement Pictures - Arkansas - Photography by Packy Savvenas

Savanna, my oldest daughter and Tyler and I got together to shoot this last weekend. I was totally pumped about going to Arkansas I know it’s filled with amazing bridges, beautiful mills, amazing landscapes and wonderful flowers – you name it.

It’s was an amazing drive and highly I suggest any photographer go down there and take some shots.

As like any other photo shoot this year, I have been plagued by the weather, I literally only had, and I’m not kidding here, maybe 10 to 20 minutes to get these shots in.

They came out amazing and the they couldn’t be happy enough.

What’s crazy, is at practically every shutter click there was a bolt of lightning creeping in right behind me and creeping in very fast. But, the edge of this storm provided this beautiful sunlit background for this gorgeous couple under this amazing bridge.

I din’t have time to shoot the bridge…

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