I'm an SEO Expert &
Web Designer

I consult and participate in the innovation and incubation of your online products or digital footprints including: web design, design, SEO,  photography, development, testing, deployment and support. I also ensure the projects that I deliver achieve the goals defined by my clients.

In addition, I develop and implement innovative solutions that enhance website performance, promote branding, improve online visibility and drive online profitable growth.

Winner of several international web design awards, I’m a concept driven web designer, graphic designer and web development professional. I deliver unique, custom made award winning websites, print projects, and graphics with an emphasis on quality, technical innovation, and clear organization.

I’ve been forging partnerships founded on collaboration while focusing on producing high-impact interactive mobile friendly websites, SEO and mobile applications for over a decade.

SEO Jackson WY, Web Design Jackson Hole WY

“What an amazing website I especially love what you did with the estimate page, smart move!” – Steven Bathiche


While web design is cyclical, it is not for aspiration to attain some cookie cutter standard on the web. Rather it is to take whatever is meaningful at the moment to express something and then move on.

I always pride myself on functional anything; there’s a raging 180 IQ behind every website created.


Why Pacman Report? 

The Pacman Report will find out if you are cohesive over the web, put together a plethora of reports and present them to you in a manner that you can understand then come to a action on how and when to move forward. Hence the name the Pacman Report. (plus I’ve been called Pacman my whole life) Over a decade, I’ve been handling everything from photography, video, websites, graphic design, project management – yep – and everything in between.

While being in the digital development I’ve partnered with clients including but are not limited to: Procter & Gamble, EA Games, Simon & Schuster, Harvard University and many others.

I specialize in taking small companies, large companies and even startups and handle all aspects of their digital development providing them with a digital report then moving forward creating the optimal experience for their target market.

By inheriting this experience it’s what creates a cohesive User Experience(UX/UI) for your online or offline vitae. The most important thing when it comes to branding your product.

When you are looking for somebody to handle all your online even your offline needs you need someone that understands all those needs. The Pacman Report has got you covered.

Recent Projects

SEO Jackson WY, Web Design Jackson Hole WY

Crone’s Custom Woodworking

SEO Jackson WY, Web Design Jackson Hole WY

Manoli’s Jewelers

SEO Jackson WY, Web Design Jackson Hole WY

Achieving Your Best

SEO Jackson WY, Web Design Jackson Hole WY

Opa Toothbar – Tooth Soap

WebIOB – Inventor/Packy Savvenas – KY3 Interview Interactive Online Books

Interactive Online Books! (IOB) is an interactive website built around a book. Each IOB is created by taking existing books and adding movie clips, animation, video, sound, music, narration, text and graphics.

I was credited with the foresight, creativity and talent to bring one of the first online interactive books to market. By expertly initiating page-flipping components to allow in-depth interaction.

Collaborating with Simon & Schuster and Jon Scieszka, the first children’s Ambassador to Literature, to develop one of the first online books to help  children with cancer.


What Others Say

Packy did a great job on our staff photos and website development for my small business. He continues to manage our website and does a great job. As a small business owner with lots of things on my plate, I have really enjoyed having someone so knowledgable to update our website and make sure we have a good web presence. Packy is very reliable, responds quickly, and does quality work. I highly recommend him as a photographer and a web developer, manager.

Cassie DimmickOwner, Achieving Your Best LLC

How rare! Packy Savvenas is a SEO that has a great feel for marketing and deep technical knowledge of things that makes a website rank well. Packy offers great personal service and does what he says he’ll do. When my website took a dive in the serps I realized I was in over my head. Packy got to work quickly to limit the damage and developed a strategy to prevent this from happening again. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Mike CroneCrone's Custom Woodworking

Packy is a well versed, multi-faceted expert in the web development and design field. He is your go-to professional for all your online professional needs. Packy has mastered the importance of a well functioning eye-catchy web presence. When it came to presenting to the world my unique "Tooth Soap" product, Packy created a one of a kind logo, an exceptional website with matching sleek business cards and implemented strategic SEO listing. I highly recommend Packy for all your professional marketing and web design and development needs!

Amy OpaboxCEO

Packy's ability to incorporate UX/UI design for multiple platforms is impressive. More importantly, I would like to emphasize how intelligently he designs in regards to our vision and end goals. Not only is he knowledgeable, he's honest in his SEO reporting, and gives great advice on what we needed to do to improve organically. I look forward to working with him on other product line launches.

Alyssa Lindsey COO - Make People Better - reiimmune®

Packy did a wonderful job optimizing our website for SEO/SEM. Our company site, dynamicdnalabs.com, saw huge increases in keyword rankings, visitors and sales within only a few weeks. He is also great with UX/UI (user experience and user interface) optimization. Would highly recommend his services!

Austin O'Reilly CEO, Dynamic DNA Laboratories

For over 10 years and with 4 previous webmasters, I have hoped to have them produce a smoothly working website, especially with the check-out system. In just 2 weeks Packy got it done! Not only that, he fixed it to work with the many different apps other than just a laptop computer. And the increase in sales activity is equally good!

Dr. Norm ShealysHEALy Institute

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Packy Savvenas and Pacman Report for your online marketing, SEO, website development and brand identity needs. Packy assisted me in developing a professional online website and social media campaign to promote my personal brand, identity, and online vitae, as I pursued career growth within my profession. Packy's knowledge and understanding of current and future functionality of the web provided me with an online presence that is designed to effectively and perpetually evolve and respond to the ever-changing dynamics of the web. Packy's technical knowledge, combined with his exceptional customer service, immediate response time, and instantly-likeable personality, make him an exceptional choice as you seek a comprehensive web development specialist. I recommend him highly and without reservation!

Jerrod Wheeler Dr. Jerrod H. Wheeler

When I decided I needed a professional website for my small-business consulting and leadership coaching company, Clutch Consulting LLC of Tulsa OK, I knew I needed someone that would get the job done, and do it right. I knew there were a lot of “do it yourself” website companies out there, but I also knew I didn't want to look like everyone else, and that I needed a true professional to deliver on the vision I had for the project. I found that person in Packy Savvenas at Pacman Report.

Nathan MitchellCEO, Clutch Consulting

I am an owner of First Response Plumbing and Drain LLC. In Conway New Hampshire. I have used others to do SEO and web design for me but they either didn't know what they were doing or were just worried about making a quick buck either way they left me hanging. I found Packy through a friend and I had a choice to go with him, others or just do some ad words after talking with Packy I felt that he was more like myself and that he would do the work needed to get the results I needed. Keep in mind that Packy new nothing about the Plumbing industry but that didn't stop him he put in the time and researched the competition then he completely rebuilt my website to include SEO and make it more user friendly . Thanks Packy it was worth every penny.

Frank McKenneyCEO/Owner