A Present for my Daughter!

December 13, 2017Photography
Teen Photography in Springfield MO

These days with social media being the beast that it is and used by billions of people across the world, it’s no wonder why every single person out there is taking pictures and posting them on their walls for all to see.

It’s 2017 man!

With all the filters available now and the phones that have excellent cameras on them, well just about anyone can get a decent shot in. Professional editing, on the other hand, takes your pictures to a place that those filters or cameras cannot take you- only experience can.

Now to my point… I was lucky enough to be approached by my daughter who wanted to do a photo shoot of her and her friends for her birthday. I was like, “Absolutely, I would love to take pictures of you and your friends!” What father wouldn’t?!

When I’m shooting my family or friends, I really get the opportunity to fine-tune my editing toolbox. So of course, I went all out on these photos. Why? This is a perfect opportunity for me to expand my horizons, make mistakes and find out new ways of editing photos. Which I did!

I absolutely loved this photo shoot; it was a total blast and the editing came out wonderful. Plus, all three girls shared these photos immediately on their social media pages.

They received over a thousand likes on these photos. (Best birthday present ever!) This is why every teen wants professional photography done in this day in age.

At the end of the shoot one of the girls approached a beautiful horse and they mixed so well together that I had to get this emotional candid shot!

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