Quick Photo Shoot Session in Springfield, MO

October 22, 2017Photography
Portrait Photography by Packy Savvenas - Springfield, MO Lake

It was a beautiful autumn day at Springfield Lake, filled with that coveted sunshine every photographer wants when they’re out shooting. On a side note: The winds were gusting at about 50 miles per hour and, like just about every other photo shoot this year, there was a storm creeping in at every shutter. (This is becoming quite the theme with all this historical weather!)

As soon as we stopped, the rain started pouring in…

These are the photos that the client picked out and they couldn’t be happy enough about them! They instantly shared them on all their social media platforms as soon as I handed them over.

This is one of my quick sessions. It’s only about a 30-minute session. My clients love doing these types of photo shoots. The reason being, is that you’re pretty much in and out, plus it’s like going to the park. (Kids Love It!)

Even though the shoot was only 30 minutes long, I took over a hundred and fifty photos.

The mother wanted photos of both of her children in a format that was familiar with the maternity photos that I took in the Spring prior to this photo shoot. (See Below)

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