I specialize in portraiture for personal and professional branding including websites, real estate, products, events, children including infants, high school seniors, families, weddings and anniversaries.

Recent Examples:

Sibling Portrait Session - Photography by Packy Savvenas - Springfield, MO Lake

Family Portraiture

Springfield MO Photography

Family Portraiture

Infant Fishing in Pond Golden Sunset - Photography by Packy Savvenas - Nathanael Greene Park - Springfield, MO

Infant Portraiture

Senior Picture - Nathanael Greene Park - Greek Goddess - Smelling Flowers - by Packy Savvenas


Jewelry Photography - Greek jewelry - Props - Greek Look - Style - Photography by Packy Savvenas

Product Portraiture

Josh and Danielle Engagement Photo Springfield MO Nathanael Greene Park - Anything For The Shot

Engagement Portraiture

Red Carpet, James Bond Style Engagement and Bridal Photography - Prom2017 - Springfield, MO -by Packy Savvenas

Event Portraiture

Senior Pictures - Downtown Springfield, MO - Photography by Packy Savvenas

Senior Portrait

Mystical Transcendence - Model - Amy Savvenas - Photography - By - Packy Savvenas - Photo Book Cover Series

Photography Art

Maternity Pictures in Springfield MO - Maternity Photography Springfield MO - Henna Tattoo and Forest Sunset

Maternity Portraiture

Photography is by far the most important content you can provide to your prospective buyer, blog reader and especially your clients. The photography needs to be top notch, candid and not from a stock website.

I want to take the best photo you have ever taken for any occasion. Over the years this is what I have become the most passionate about. “Your digital footprint is more than just another picture or selfie, it’s your legacy it will be carried on through the ages. This is what you are leaving behind – your story, your moment, and you will want it to be remembered and admired for decades to come.” Packy Savvenas

Servicing: Springfield, MO and surrounding areas; I’m also available for Travel & Destination Photography!


As a single father it's important to me that I make my 10 year old daughter feel like she's my world. Packy, @Pacman Report, stepped up and helped me remedy a sad girl missing her school pictures, and made her feel like a shooting star. A valued comfort zone is a very special thing Packy brings to a photo shoot, making us feel happy to be behind his camera lens. His patience with my daughter was astounding, making this overall experience a lifetime memory. Thank you so much Pacman Report for creating such beautiful photography, we will cherish it forever.

Craig EacretPharmacy Tech

The Pacman is an outstanding artist and photographer. I've had a couple of sessions so far for my business, one indoors and one outdoors and Packy is always meticulous with his shots. I don't really like getting my photo taken, but Packy always puts me at ease and he has a great sense of humor so the pictures come out looking more natural. I really appreciate his eye, artistic sense, and personality. I highly recommend Packy.

Cory WhittakerReal Estate Agent