Father Surprises Daughter with Photoshoot

October 7, 2017Photography
Father and Daughter Picture - Downtown Springfield, MO

This beautiful young lady, in 4th grade, was really looking forward to getting her school pictures this year! Then she just happened to get sick that day, so she was unable to get her school pictures. She also happened to start wearing glasses this year and really enjoys them. With that being said, the father reached out to me and said, “Hey, my daughter missed her school pictures this year. Would you mind taking photos of her?”

I happily accepted, and said let’s do more than just “you know” a couple snapshots! Why don’t we just go ahead and treat her like a star. I asked the father if he knew what she was going to be wearing? He mentioned jeans and a t-shirt.

I then said why don’t you go out and get her a nice dress and we’ll do a couple pictures of you guys plus I’ll do a photo shoot of just her.

Here are just a couple of the pictures I took that day.
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During the shoot I noticed that his daughter had the amazing freckles, the coveted freckles, that every photographer wants at least one picture of… it’s absolutely beautiful!

So, after the shoot, the father approached me and said there was something more to this shoot. He said she feels better than she’s ever felt; she feels like a star!

Well, in my book she is a star! And now I would say she has some of the best school pictures in her whole class!

And of course , if my client wants to take a current trend picture
I’m always up for that! (See Below)

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