Dalton and Jared’s Maternity Photo Shoot

January 25, 2018Photography
Maternity Photography by Packy Savvenas - Springfield MO - Nathaniel Greene Park in Springfield MO

I’ve had the privilege to shoot Dalton and Jared’s family over the past year. Now that they’re expecting a new little bundle of joy, they reached out to me and asked if I would do their maternity photos. Of course I happily accepted and was totally looking forward to it.

I knew Dalton would go completely out of her way to make herself look as lovely as a fairy tale for the shoot, and that she did. The photo shoot was to take place on January 20th, 2018. The day before the shoot there was about an inch of snow and the forecast was calling for clouds the next day. I was super pumped about doing a maternity shoot blanketed with snow so as to create the most romantic scene with a beautiful client.

I scouted out the location the day before, as I wanted to shoot near a pine tree covered with snow. I found that location at one of my favorite spots which happens to be Nathaniel Greene Park in Springfield MO.

With the perfect scene in mind, I reached out to the couple and suggested we shoot about 3:30 pm. I knew this would make for a great time to take advantage of the clouds and somewhat warmer weather for my clients to handle the cold. The funny thing is the next day the temperature actually got up close to about 70 degrees. By the time we got to our location the snow had melted and it wasn’t cloudy at all.

Luckily enough they showed up a little bit late for this shoot which allowed the sun to practically creep behind the pine tree. This helped to eliminate as much sun flare as possible. This was a great opportunity for my assistant(who happens to also be my wife) and I to practice on our maternity shoot posing while utilizing the subtle amount of lens flare to get the effects seen in these photos.

As the sun was setting behind the tree I had the husband-Jared hold up my light filter to cover the sun and shadow it from my camera. In turn, with the sun hidden just behind the top of the pine tree, it provided the most beautiful warmth. It was the exact same warmth that Dalton was wearing with her maternity dress. It actually worked out wonderfully!

Jared was not expecting to be a part of the photo shoot, but Dalton looked particularly amazing. So, we grabbed Jared and told him that he needed to be a part of this captured moment regardless of what he was wearing. Jared joined Dalton and became a part of this captured happily ever after fairy tale. I knew this would be a moment that they would never forget.

Dalton and Jared are extremely delighted with the photos and I’m just happy that the lighting and everything else worked out. It’s amazing here in the state of Missouri…

It’s the only state where you can scratch your sun-burnt back with your frostbit fingertips. 😉

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