Why You Should Brush Your Teeth With Soap Instead Of Toothpaste

November 1, 2018Natural News
Brush Teeth With Soap

I started brushing my teeth with soap for teeth almost five years ago after learning about the harmful, long-lasting health effects of fluoride. Using soap on my teeth leaves my teeth smooth, shiny and my breath fresh.

When I wake up in the morning, I do so with clean-smelling breath because of brushing with soap the night before. Not only do I use it, but so do my young children and husband with amazing results.

In the book “The Perfect Prescription for Your Teeth” Karen Van Cleef discusses the chemical make up of fluoride, coming to the conclusion that “fluoride is a severe biological poison.”

Dr. Judd, a chemist and extensive researcher, in his book Good Teeth Birth to Death, states, “To avoid fluoride is to prevent more than 114 ailments….all the way from cancer to headaches.”

And he has the research to prove it. Both Van Cleef and Judd vehemently warn about the negative effects of fluoride and flat-out and confidently show their readers that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay but instead promotes tooth decay. Even the EPA is now issuing warnings about fluoride!

So, that really got me thinking about what I had been brushing my teeth with for the past thirty years. I religiously brushed with a fluoridated toothpaste and even occasionally rinsed with a fluoridated mouthwash, yet I did accumulate cavities over the years and my breath usually felt stale within an hour of brushing.

With this in mind, it’s worth considering what you and your children are placing in your mouth on a daily basis.

So I bought a tube of “Natural” toothpaste at my local market thinking I was on the way to a healthier mouth and fresher breath. I was let down after brushing with that “natural” toothpaste because my mouth didn’t feel clean at all.

After doing more research, I found out the reason why.

Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemist, Researcher for 18 years and Professor of Chemistry for 33 yrs explains how brushing teeth with toothpaste takes 27 rinses to rinse off from teeth due to the added glycerin where as bar soap (not liquid soap) takes only a couple rinses as Dr. Judd says to use.

Glycerin is an additive in toothpaste that coats your teeth causing them not to re-enamelize naturally. It needs to be avoided if you want a clean, healthy mouth. So, I threw away my “natural” toothpaste.

I then looked for a soap that was specifically made for teeth, Dr. recommended and was easy to use. Something that not only tasted better but also helped with inflammation, infections/gingivitis and other issues that derive from your mouth.

Dr. sHEALy, respected world-wide for his innovative and successful rehabilitation approach in over 30,000 patients, has long prescribed brushing teeth with bar soap, soap for teeth, rather than toothpaste. The reason, according to Shealy, is bar soap prevents gingivitis caused by bacteria lodged in the gum pockets.

“There is a better way to brush your teeth, it is with bar soap and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these so called Tooth Soaps – Soap is Soap. It’s the finest thing in the world to brush your teeth. Far better, far less expensive than toothpaste and cleans your teeth; cleans, cleans, cleans your teeth better than any toothpaste in the world.” – Dr. Norm sHEALy sHEALy Institute

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