Pacman Report

I’ve been in the digital development field for over a decade, my clients included but are not limited to: Procter & Gamble, EA Games, Simon & Schuster, Harvard University and many others.

Since then I’ve been forging partnerships founded on collaboration while focusing on producing high-impact award winning interactive websites, SEO, photography and mobile applications.

I’m your go-to Online Marketing Guru/Consultant that handles everything digital.

I always pride myself on functional anything; there’s a raging 180 IQ behind every pretty picture designed & website created.


Why the name Pacman Report? 

The Pacman Report will find out if you are cohesive over the web, put together a plethora of reports and present them to you in a manner that you can understand then come to a action on how and when to move forward. Hence the name the Pacman Report. (plus I’ve been called Pacman my whole life) Over a decade, I’ve been handling everything from photography, video, websites, graphic design, project management – yep – and everything in between.

I specialize in taking small companies, large companies and even startups and handle all aspects of their digital development providing them with a digital report then moving forward creating the optimal experience for their target market.

By inheriting this experience it’s what creates a cohesive User Experience(UX/UI) for your online or offline vitae. The most important thing when it comes to branding your product.

When you are looking for somebody to handle all your online even your offline needs you need someone that understands all those needs. The Pacman Report has got you covered.

WebIOB – Packy Savvenas – KY3 Interview Interactive Online Books

Interactive Online Books! (IOB) is an interactive website built around a book. Each iob is created by taking existing books and adding movie clips, animation, video, sound, music, narration, text and graphics.