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January 29, 2017Everything Digital
SEO Search Engine Optimization Get Listed

When someone is searching for a particular service or product, Google is usually the first place most people turn to for their online assistance. My life’s objective is to make sure that your website gets listed and noticed online, through search engine optimization (SEO).

To get effectively situated in search engines, or SERPs is a matter of understanding the essential foundation of SEO while continuously implementing it; that’s where I step in to do the necessary work to make it happen. By taking a multi-pronged way of optimizing your website to its fullest extent, my expert internet marketing analyst program builds a masterpiece that enables Google and other search engines to grasp the expertise and pertinence of your business. Generating measurable data from this type of marketing assists in forming a plan of action in addition to showing results.

Quality long lasting rankings can only be obtained by quality organic methods. By “organic methods” I am referring to well written content, a easy to use interface, properly researched keywords and key phrases, legitimate link exchanges (with an emphasis on one way linking) with other quality topic related websites and a healthy mixture of other promotional techniques (much like a healthy stock portfolio you must spread yourself over many methods).

I do not take short cuts by using link farms, paid placement,”black hat” techniques or any other methods which might imperil your website’s status with the search engines. My natural “white hat” techniques will give you long lasting rankings without negative consequences in the future.

Research shows that more than 70% of web users find ‘natural’ search results more relevant to their queries than sponsored search results. In addition those natural results will last for years to come.

On-Site – Off-Site Optimization

Search engine optimization consists of relevancy; I implement the fundamentals needed so that Google and other search engines continue to recognize your website as more relevant.

Internet Marketing services include:

  • Keyword Research & Placement
  • Pay Per Click Management(PPC)
  • Social Media
  • Navigation Reconstruction
  • Design Modifications
  • Code Modifications
  • Load Times
  • And Much More

Curious how your internet marketing investment is going? That’s the unique thing about this type of marketing; it’s measurable, allowing myself to see how your website strategy is working; providing you with detailed easy to read reports.

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