Save The Date – Wedding Invitations

Save the Date Wedding Invitation - by Packy Savvenas - Photography by Pacman Report

This is a follow-up blog post, a couple came to me needing engagement photography and they also needed a set of invitations to go along with their package of photos. As of right now I have the Save The Date 4×6 postcard designed and ready to go.

The interesting thing about this project is they wanted to do a rustic theme. This was my first time designing a rustic invitation and at the same time I really enjoyed working with this specific type of artwork.

Bookmark this page, and check back soon to see all of the invitation ideas put together including but not limited to: Invitations, seating arrangements, directions and much more.

Are you looking for that photographer that can capture your moment and at the same time design the invitations needed for your wedding?

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