April 25, 2017Photography
Red Carpet, James Bond Style Engagement and Bridal Photography - Prom2017 - Springfield, MO -by Packy Savvenas

This is my first photo shoot of prom or any school event for that matter, this happened to be #prom2017. I had the opportunity to shoot these lovely lovebirds. They came to me wanting photography that was outdoors, with the sun setting, and lots of flowers with beauty surrounding them. Well that happened to not be the case instead the temperature dropped to about 30 degrees and it rained cats and dogs that day.

So like every other photo shoot this year I had to dodge every obstacle known to mankind. This is why I love what I do.

This didn’t stop these two from standing out in the rain, avoiding the obstacles at the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield, MO and getting one of the best moments in life to hold on to forever.

I totally understand this! I remember being in high school and wanting the absolute best pictures I could get. So, it’s getting popular now! These kids are starting to take pictures of their school events and they’re hiring professional photographers at the same time.

What I took away from it.

My advice to other photographers out there that are shooting events, weddings or even parties is to give the guest or parent something to do so they feel involved and do not get in the way of you shooting photos. By doing this it takes the attention away from the photography which in turn allows the children to relax and the parents feel like they are contributing in some way.

The thing that worked for me the most on this photo shoot was handing the tripod to one of the parents so they felt involved which in turn allowed the children and myself to relax.

Get your parties involved and you’ll end up with some of the best pictures.

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