In My Backyard

April 4, 2017Photography
Scarlet Macaw Parrot - My Backyard - Springfield, MO

Well today I would say I made one of the most amazing trips, I actually went into my backyard. While I was in my backyard luckily I happened to see a Scarlet Parrot sitting in my neighbor’s tree. Understand that this is in Missouri and we’re not used to seeing parrots so this was kind of odd situation for me.

I had to grab my camera run outside and take some pictures of this beautiful species and the greatest thing is is I didn’t have to go to Africa or any other country to do it. I didn’t even have to go to the zoo.

More Images Coming Soon!

It’s amazing what you can find almost 10 feet away from you. This is what I love about photography and this is why I will continue to be a photographer. The things that I notice the beauty that I capture or try to capture is just breathtaking. I mean seriously how many people in the state of Missouri walk into their backyard and can photograph a parrot and not just a parrot a Scarlet parrot.

So if you love birds are all of odd things around houses please bookmark this page I will be updating this page as much as I can and I look forward to hearing your responses and feedback of any kind.

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