Engagement Photos A Winter/Summer Day

March 15, 2017Photography
Josh and Danielle Engagement Photo Springfield MO Nathanael Greene Park - Anything For The Shot

We got lucky on this March 9th 2017 day in the winter. The weather actually got up to about 78 degrees that day from what I remember. The interesting thing is that a storm and whole bunch of tornadoes ended up hitting the Midwest dropping the temperatures all the way down into the 30s by the end of the evening.

The Meetup

So we had to adjust the times that we were going to shoot. We started a little bit earlier(I know this is against the rules but they were from out of town) and went backwards and what I mean by backwards is we shot the shots that we would normally shoot in the evening during the day and the ones during the day during the evening and they all turned out amazing.

Let's Go For A Walk

At the end I grabbed at least 10 shots with the sunshine coming down(prime time for engagement, wedding etc…) under the clouds of this massive storm that was sweeping across the United States of America.

Will You Marry Me?

I'll Do Anything For The Shot!!!

Very interesting day because at the same time I also climbed a tree just to get the shot that is the header of this post. Also attached is an image and a video to go along so that you guys can watch me actually shimming up a tree.

If you’re looking for that photographer that understands how important it is to get the right shot and is willing to actually do the things like climbing trees. Reach no further than the Pacman Report.

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