Another Beautiful Day at Nathanael Greene Park – My Venture – #Insects

June 3, 2017Photography
Bumble Bee - Pink Flower Buds - Nathanael Greene Park - Springfield, MO by Packy Savvenas

Yep you guessed it another day at Nathanael Greene Park.

Today’s venture was to capture as many #insects, #butterflies, #flowers and as many macro shots as I could. There was a storm right behind me which in turn created great shadowed and sprinkled sunlit shots.

Here are some wonderful butterfly shots.

The butterflies alone are amazing! Let me tell you why, I walked into the Butterfly House at Nathanael Greene Park and I saw this zebra tailed butterfly. As soon as I walked in there I wanted to photograph him. So I started following him around.

After about an hour and a half of looking around for this guy the volunteers that worked in the butterfly house actually said he was sitting on my hat… What? So, I grabbed my hat and pulled it off, he then jumped over onto this limb and I was able to pull off some of the neatest shots that I couldn’t wait to get up.

Here are some other shots I grabbed while chasing the butterfly down:

This is the elusive butterfly that was on my hat that I chased down for about an hour. This is my favorite picture of them all!

If you haven’t made it to Nathaniel Greene Park in Springfield Missouri and you’re a photographer or just a nature lover in general you need to get out there. It’s amazing! They’re things that are always growing, there’s a whole bunch of volunteers constantly working and it’s a great place to do just about anything.

You can even get married there.
That’s where I got married!

It’s a magical place with hidden treasures everywhere.

You’ll see children playing, bugs flying, ducks floating, fish in the ponds and the running streams that are breathtaking. Then you pull out your macro camera and you get to see the miniature side of life! A life hidden to most.

I hope you enjoy this page and as always keep coming back; I’ll always be adding more photos.

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