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Photography & Digital Development:

Packy Savvenas is an award-winning web/graphic designer and photographer from Springfield, MO. “He’s known for capturing and captivating his clients with his candid, artistic and timeless photography, designs and digital development.”

I want to thank you for visiting today, I hope you enjoy the digital landscape that I’m currently working on in order to satisfy the needs of your visit. If there is anything I can help you with you can find me right over here.


I’m involved in the end to end lifecycle of a product or digital footprint (photography, web design, design, SEO, development, testing, deployment and support); I’m also responsible for ensuring the products that I deliver achieve the goals defined by my clients and the product owners.

I consult and participate in the innovation, incubation and iteration of your digital products and online digital footprints.


Opa Toothbar – Tooth Soap

reiimmune® – Hydrobiotic Technology

Dynamic DNA Laboratories

First Response Plumbing and Drain, LLC


Over the years I’ve learned so much about what works and what doesn’t work. First off I want to say this, photography is by far the most important content you can provide to your prospective buyer or even blog reader.

The photography needs to be top notch, candid and not from a stock website.

I want to take the best photo you have ever taken for any occasion. Over the years this is what I have become the most passionate about. “Your digital footprint is more than just another picture or selfie, it’s your legacy it will be carried on through the ages. This is what you are leaving behind – your story, your moment, and you will want it to be remembered and admired for decades to come.” Packy Savvenas


Boy Photography Springfield Nature Center Woods Cowboy Hugging Tree by Packy-Savvenas

Boys Will Be Boys

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Boys will be boys, this was an amazing shoot! I had such a great time with these kiddos. We took the boys to the Nature Center in Springfield, MO and to...
Senior Picture - Nathanael Greene Park - Greek Goddess - Smelling Flowers - by Packy Savvenas

Golden hour at Nathanael Greene Park

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Golden hour at Nathanael Greene Park, I could not have asked for a better day. The flowers were blooming the sun was setting the model was shining and I had all...
Red Carpet, James Bond Style Engagement and Bridal Photography - Prom2017 - Springfield, MO -by Packy Savvenas


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This is my first photo shoot of prom or any school event for that matter, this happened to be #prom2017. I had the opportunity to shoot these lovely lovebirds. They came...
Maternity Pictures in Springfield MO - Maternity Photography Springfield MO - Henna Tattoo and Forest Sunset

Maternity Photography

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Maternity photography, I absolutely loved this photo shoot. The reason why is the mother decided to wear Henna on her belly and also on the child's hands. This made for...

I specialize in portraiture for personal and professional branding including websites, products, events, children including infants, high school seniors, families, weddings and anniversaries.

Servicing: United States and I’m available for Travel & Destination Photography!